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Astrid Armstrong

Business Owner/Entreprenuer

Founder & CEO/Entrepreneur 


If you have found yourself here, you are probably looking for a new opportunity.  Just like me,  when I went searching the internet for something that I could do that would make my heart full, and give me a reason to get up in the morning!

Hi, I'm Astrid

I am looking for self motivated individuals that are serious about starting a home based business,  that are interested in working remotely,  have a desire to travel and are self starters. 

 If you have an interest in personal development, such as reading self help books, attending empowerment conferences, that sort of thing, then this could be the opportunity you have been looking for.

Horses have always been my passion and my happy place.  We have been fortunate enough to be involved with the ownership of this beautiful successful racehorse.  Being able to attend the racing meets and watch our  horse race means so much to us.  Having flexibility and freedom to be able to attend meetings during the week is very important to us.

Astrid and her partner Brent.  We are here to assist and help you achieve your goals.   In this like minded community, "You will never walk alone." 

I actually have time to walk the dogs or even read these days!  Working part time is the best thing I ever did for my fur babies. 

Having more time to fulfill my passion is what life is all about really.  Training and spending time with Diva makes me so happy.  We all need time for passions. 

Why I chose this business   

I took a really good look around at what was available for starting a home based business online, and I decided upon this business because by far it has the best business model, tools, training, support and positive community of anything else that I had taken a look at.  

My Work Experience 

I left school at the age of 16 and entered the workforce as an Apprentice Hairdresser.   I went on to learn Barbering, and digressed to owning my own Picture Framing and Glazing business for 7 years.  I also tried being a  Receptionist, Door to Door Sales and Eventually landed in Real Estate Sales for 22 years, making record sales and enjoying a very successful career. 

My Turning Point  

 Well moving country doesn't bode too well when you are  a Real Estate Agent, so I began looking for something I could do online without the stress, the time & travel restraints, and something that was totally  flexible.  I found it here.

Are YOU ready to change YOUR life? 

I am looking for BIG THINKERS that are serious about starting  a Business Online.  You would need to be self  motivated and able to work autonomously and remotely.  You will have a desire to want to succeed and become financially independent.   You would also enjoy Personal Development and aspire to personal growth. 

Fill out the form and let's have a Discovery Chat,   Astrid Armstrong

After nearly 35 years in the motor industry at Senior levels I'd really had enough of not seeing my kids and the long hours away from home. I went searching for a better way to live my life. I needed a business that would allow me to be flexible and for it to work around me and my family. Not having me work around it. I choose what I do now for a few reasons - I knew it could give me the freedom I was looking for and all the while maintain the luxuries my family was used to. The fact that it's in an industry I love is a real bonus. Nowadays I travel for fun, I get to spend time with my grandkids & I could never do in the traditional career world. I'm earning an executive level income with my best month being in excess of $54,000USD profit. Gotta love that right? 

Category: Business
Name: Bruce Partridge
Location:  Australia & NZ 

I had run a very successful construction company with my former husband for many years in Sydney. When I cut ties there I was absolutely burned out but was also at a stage where It was time to carve out a new life for myself. Since finding this business I have not looked back. Flexibility and portability were key for me as I wanted to be able to travel back to Ireland to my family when I decided to but I also wanted the opportunity to earn a high level income. I achieved that within my first year, in part time hours & my income has increased each year since then. I attribute that to our community, training and support and our products that have been life changing for me. These days I am happy, content and financially independent. It's a great feeling knowing I am well secured for my future both personally and financially. Karen Murphy, Sydney Australia 

Category: Business
Name: Karen Murphy
Location:  Sydney, Australia 

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 - Work Remotely From Anywhere.

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 - You Will Need A Laptop & Mobile Phone.

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Astrid Armstrong